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WordPress 5.0 Version – New Features Coming?

Let’s see shat is the New Features Coming?
According to World Wide Web Technology Surveys, WordPress is the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share, powering over 60 million websites.

If you are a WordPress user you will be happy to know that some of your daily visited sites are actually powered by the platform, such as:

  • BBC America
  • The New York Times
  • People Magazine
  • Forbes
  • National Geographic

Things to Know Before Updating to WordPress 5.0

Before updating to WordPress 5.0, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Create a WordPress database backup before updating to WordPress 5.0. You can’t go back!
  • WordPress 5.0 may break themes
  • You will have to adapt to a different way to use themes and plugins
  • Be patient as the transition to Gutenberg will not be easy
  • WordPress 5.0 will replace everything with blocks even plugins
  • Don’t upgrade to WordPress 5.0 right away. Wait for few months
  • Before upgrading make sure your WordPress site is not hacked ( Identify hacked WordPress). Run it through a scanner.

WordPress 5.0 Security Update

To get concerned about the security of our website is not a new issue. It’s definitely of much concern. Many of us are too much concern about our WordPress security. Any security flaw can be proven very harmful for business. To prevent cyber attacks on our website, WordPress has already introduced some security features that are helpful for the users. Such as recommending hosting websites with

  • SSL Certificates
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Application passwords
  • Security keys
  • OTP or backup verification code

The WordPress authority is likely to continue improving its security in future releases and that can be for WordPress 5.0 as well. It’s in the beta state and you can get a complete update in the coming days for year 2018.

Users of WordPress have no idea of what’s coming next? Let’s have a look

1. Gutenberg WordPress editor Plugin
One of the most exciting feature is the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress. It’s named after Johannes Gutenberg, who is known for the invention of the movable-type printing press. The goal is to make this WordPress easier for those who are the beginners. It’s currently in its beta and testing phase and not ready to run on production sites.
2. Front-end Editor
Front-end editor works just like the way you use the mobile phone and touch screen for changing the text. Its with the WordPress for a long time. Visual Composer is dominating front-end editor plugin from many years. Front-end Editor for WordPress is lighter and faster as compared to the Visual Composer.
3. Mobile Optimization
Mobile optimization is taking its toll to improve the user’s experiences day by day. WordPress authority is of great to do the same for both the users and developers. The majority of WordPress themes are now responsive. Also, decreasing the differences in website maintenance between desktop and mobile has become a routine for the company.
4. Crop background image
The most boring process is to change the background of our websites. The process usually involves the selection of the background image, manual cropping and then uploading. Now, we can have the chance to crop the image before it goes live. Isn’t it a good feature? It will basically reduce the significant time in changing the background image flow.
5. WordPress 5.0 Security Plugins
Due to The last zero-day exploits of WordPress from XML-PRC remote brute force to XSS from comment forms has made WordPress users worry about how secure WordPress really is? In the effort of hardening WordPress compound and To offer the WordPress security against data breaches and cyber attacks WordPress authority have done new security plugins, that will be available in WordPress 5.0 release (Also See: Latest WordPress Releases). You can try them all on Beta Plugin page.
Enter the Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database. The goal for this crowdsourcing tool is to identify whether or not WordPress.org plugins are compatible with Gutenberg.

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