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Is Paypal is Better for Online Store?

Paypal Is best online E-commerce PlatForm That Allows payments made over the internet. Paypal is Also a gateway between the payee and the merchant’s account. Paypal is Based in the United States. Customer Service: Paypal has a large community forum. Paypal have a Twitter acount “AskPaypal”, Where they answer any Questions. Paypal Phone Service is[…]

What is Stripe? Why Everyone Should Use Stripe

Stripe is an American Technology company working in 20 countries. Stripe work in both private and businesses to accept payments over the Internet. Stripe provide best Security to Customers. Stripe providing the technical,and banking infrastructure to operate online payments. Founder: Patrick Collison, John Collison Why Everyone Should Use Stripe Setting Account in 10 Seconds: Amazing Prices:[…]

PayPal VS Stripe

PayPal and Stripe Both are handle online payment processing.But in my opinion, Stripe is easier to use and Understand, simpler to setup. Setup: PayPal: Paypal’s setup Process is Very Lengthy. Stripe: Stripe’s setup Process is Very easy. Stripe is so fast. Mobile Payments: Paypal: Using your phone or tablet, you can accept Visa/MasterCard payments using the[…]

Is Paytm Payment Gateway is Best?

Paytm Payments Allows clients to record all process activites including payment pages and reports, for real time access to transaction. Paytm Payment offers several security measures and is designed to manage various processes such as maintaining sessions. Paytm Payment Options: Paytm Payments supports Visa and Mastercard credit cards and debit cards, and net banking for[…]

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